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Road Flares

Road head- Everlark style.

Shit. Oh shit. Fuck. Goddammit.

“Katniss-“ I hiss, my teeth clenched together as I remove her hand from my crotch again. “Stop – Kat stop, it’s a RIDE stop, shit.”

Just what I need – just fucking perfect. Like I couldn’t get a break tonight? Hadn’t I earned my karma by being the designated driver tonight? I guess not because now Katniss is loaded and sitting in my front seat as we drive into a queue of cars waiting for the RIDE stop.

“Katniss,” I groan, my car idling as she runs her nails up my leg. She’s been touchy feely since before we left Gale’s party and while it’s fucking hot (I can’t lie), it’s a whole other ballgame to be pulling up to face off with an officer while trying to hide the raging boner that she’s conjured.

And here I’d hoped we’d get home and I could just fuck her on the stairs like last time.

Those thoughts weren’t helping.

I pull up to the next officer and roll the window on my old Civic down while I grip Katniss’ wandering hand in mine. “How’re you doing tonight sir? Ma’am?” The officer sticks his head in the window, his flashlight beam poking around the car.

“Um, uh good, sir,” I respond, my voice breaking in the middle and having to clear my throat. I try to subtly pull my jacket lower over my crotch to avoid the light’s detection of my… issue.

“Where are you two coming from tonight?”

“A friend’s birthday outside of town – we’re heading home now.” The officer nods his head and flicks the light towards Katniss who’s caught in the beam like a deer in the headlights. When I look over, I see her one hand locked in mine, the other one tucked between her jean-clad thighs. I can’t help but quirk an eyebrow at her as I realize what she was doing.

“Have you been drinking tonight, sir? Your passenger looks like perhaps she’s had a few,” He says briskly and my attention snaps back towards him as he leans a little closer, probably smelling for any alcohol on my breath.

“Uh – no. Sir. No, sir. I was the DD tonight.” I can’t help the stutter in my voice. Why do they always make me feel guilty?

“Alright, well, I don’t see anything out of sorts here. You take that one home and put her to bed. Have a good night,” He pulls back and my jaw drops as he offers a wink. Groaning, I put the car in gear and slowly drive through the guided lane of road flares before returning to the speed limit.

“Jesus Katniss, he knew what you were up to,” I grumble quietly. Then I hear it, the low laughter from her and the moan that accompanies it.

“Don’t be such a spoilsport Peeta, live on the edge,” She croons. I feel her hand working back towards my groin and I shift against her hand.

“We’re almost home, another twenty minutes.”

“Nuh uh un. Now, carpe diem.”

Before I know it I feel the zipper on my pants go down, her hand slipping into my boxers and pulling my cock out into the open air of the car.

“Katniss!” I shout, surprise and instant arousal hitting me like a wall. I grip the steering wheel harder, my eyes desperately trained on the abandoned road.

“Just relax, Peet. It’ll be okay I promise.” In the next second I feel her breath on the head of my cock, her hand gripping at the base as all the blood rushes there.

And then her mouth is around me. I feel the car jerk slightly to the left as my hips jut but she pulls back, her hand pressing on my thigh. “Relax,” She murmurs and this time I’m more prepared for her tongue flicking the tip and then her wet mouth sinking down around my length.

I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever been more keenly aware of how yellow the road lines are late at night. Nor how dark the side roads of town are. Or, hell, how fucking warm Katniss’ mouth is as her lips suction around my cock, her tongue laving the underside as her hand pulls at the base. She works me slowly, her pressure firm and perfect, as I slowly rock my hips into her mouth.

Flicking my eyes to the speedometer I note the increase of speed and take my foot off the gas. Cruising, I carefully place my feet on the floor and use the opportunity to rut my hips against her mouth, my knuckles white on the wheel.

“Oh fuck, Kat Kat Kat,” I chant as she picks up her pace, her hand working quicker as her spit drips down my length. When it seems like too much, I feel her moan, her mouth vibrating with a sweet hum that I feel all the way down in my balls. “Christ, I’m going to come,” I hiss and for the most foolish second I drop my right hand from the wheel and grip her shirt needing something, anything, to hold on to to tell her how much I want to be in her right now.

It hits me it’s like a two-by-four, her mouth suctioning around me as I release into her throat. She hums appreciatively as the last of my semen fills her mouth before she pulls off me, her hand swiping across her face to reveal the brightest smile I’ve ever seen.

“You okay?” She laughs, her hands tucking me back in my pants as I pull off to the side of the road.

“Yes – dear god yes. But –“ I flick the car into park and turn to her, unclipping my belt as a wicked smile plasters my face. “I can’t wait to get home to return the favour.”  

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